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Parish Grimes
Born in North Carolina
42 years
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Sybil Savage Missing you March 27, 2014
On the 8th anniversary ofyour Homegoing, it still seems like yesterday that we were laughing on the phone about absolutely nothing.  Keep watching over us...see your smiling face soon sweetheart!

Love you always,
Ron Reddick My Soul Sister August 11, 2012
It has been so long, since we first met at Norfolk State. In all of my class. I can just remember your smile just like yesterday. I am soooo sad now for I believed we all would be here forever. Make you rest in Peace My Soul Sister. I will see you in our Class union in heaven God bless you ! ANd AMEN From your Soul Brother
tyler Savage
Aunt parish,
It's been so long and time flies by. I miss you so much and i have been thinking about you a lot lately. I dont know what it is but I keep seeing your face. It makes me smile but also brings back memories and i wish you could be back here. I know you are in a better place! LOL my mom cried the other day when we were watching a movie called "bridesmaids" because when the lady got married her bestfriend was crying and then she told me the story about you crying at my moms wedding. it was sad but sometimes we have to shed our tears. I keep her in my prayers and aunt bease too. We miss you so much and one day we will all be able to see you again but until then i know you are shining in heaven and protecting us here on earth. I love you and will never forget you!

Love Tyer.

Hey Aunt Parish!!

 I remember soooo clearly sitting in the living room in Ashland when you were pregnant with Garrett and I was sitting next to you rubbing your tummy and out of nowhere Garrett moved his foot or hand from one side of your stomach to the other. I completely freaked out haha. You thought that was the funniest thing in the world and you laughed so hard you cried (like always). I miss you sooo much and ma and I still say one of your many little sayings "oooooo noooo" in that voice of yours lol. I was thinking about getting the Multiple Myeloma ribbon tattoo. I think I should do it. Well anyway I love you and miss you sooo much you will forever be missed. Your truley one of the coolest Aunts ever. See you in Heaven one day. I love you.



Sybil Savage

LOL Bease - - what happened at Aggie fest, stayed at the Aggie fest.  Here's another one.  The sorors were up late one night practicing for a step show, about 12 of us.  We were practicing the wave but no one seemed to catch on in a timely manner.  Parish steps out of line, stomps her foot and screams "Come on y'all, we gotta get this right.  Now everyone needs to use their "parochial" vision.   HILARIOUS (as Parish would say).  What made it even more funny is that Parish didn't realize she said parochial instead of peripheral!!


Love and miss you Parish!


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